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Domain Privacy

Shield Your Customers’ Identity

Many of your customers may feel vulnerable to deceptive practices with their personal information publicly available on the Internet. Domain Privacy provides you with a solution to your customers' privacy concerns by displaying alternate contact information (c/o in the public WHOIS database listing. serves as the gatekeeper.

With Domain Privacy Off

Domain Name

Registrant Contact Information
Your Customer’s Business
Customer’s Name
1234 Customer’s Street
Customer’s City, State 12345 USA
Phone: +1 1.902-123-1234

With Domain Privacy On

Domain Name

Registrant Contact Information
P.O. Box 456
Drums, PA 18222 USA
Phone: +1. 570-708-8760

Domain Privacy Features

  • Email Masking - Email received at this address will be filtered for spam, important messages forwarded to the designated email account.
  • Full Control - Unlike other proxy services, the customer remains the registrant and holds all the rights on the domain name.
  • Easy on/off feature - Allows you turn off the Domain Privacy feature if you are having the Registrant validated for an SSL certificate.
  • Alternate Postal Address - A P.O. Box is listed as an alternate to your customer's address.
  • Alternate Phone Number - A Domain Privacy telephone number listing in WHOIS serves as an answering and screening service for Domain Privacy Customers.

Benefits to You

  • Incremental Revenue - Privacy is priceless to your customers. Kick off a sales campaign targeting your existing domain customers and see immediate impact to your bottom line.
  • Increase Your Domain Sales Margins - Bundle Domain Privacy with new domain sales.
  • Earn The Trust of Your Customers - By showing your customers that you have every aspect of their online security in mind, it is proven to strengthen their loyalty to you.
  • No Overhead or Support Costs - We’ve made it ‘one-click-easy’ to enable this product.